find where to watch.

Tandera helps you find, quickly and practically,
where to watch your favorite movies and series.


A library is available to save the titles you want to watch later. Easily access saved movies and series, all in one place.

Streaming Services

Get up-to-date with the new releases and do not waste time looking at various streaming services. Find where to watch with a simple tap on the screen.

Theme Light and Dark

This becomes very useful when you are using the device in dark environments as it becomes easier on the eyes. Initially, you may find it a little different, but you'll soon get used to it. When you're good with this feature, it will be quite comforting to look at the screen.

Tandera is a search service that filters through different STREAMING services and shows you where you can legally watch your favorite movies and series. You'll be up to date with all major provider releases like Netflix, Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube and many other streaming platforms. Our simple filtering system allows you to see where to watch, as well as being able to check the information about the cast, dates, duration and gender of what will be watched. We separate only what is important to you.